From the Nurse

physician_authorization_for_prescriptions_form (pdf)

A note from Kathy, school nurse, about Medications at School:

Hello! Since we’ve had quite a few cases of pink eye (conjunctivitis) at our elementary, I’d like to share our “Authorization for Administration of Medication” form with parents.  (The guidelines for giving medication at school are on page 18 of our handbook.)  If at all possible, medications should be scheduled to be given outside of school hours.

If students need to have a prescription given at school, the medication needs to be in the original bottle with the name of the medication, how often it is taken, amount of dosage, physician’s name, name and telephone number of the pharmacy on the label. Parents who know their students need to take medication at school can request a second bottle from their pharmacist to send to school.

The attached authorization form (click on link above to download) needs to be filled out completely and signed by both the health care provider and parent, or prescription medication cannot be given at school.

The simplest way to accomplish this is to take a form with you to the doctor.  We’ll be sending home copies of this form with your child today in case printing them is a problem for you. If you need more copies, please contact Trish at the Front Desk.

Thank you for your understanding, as we do our best to keep our students and school healthy!

 Kathleen Swenson, LPN

Health Services Coordinator