Announcements – Elementary


If your child is absent, sick, or has any out-of-the-ordinary transportation changes (getting picked up early, not riding the bus. riding a different bus etc) please call the  Elem Front Desk at 507-868-0071 x0  to let us know. Leave a message for us at x0 if we do not pick-up. OR you may email  anything we need to know — it is also helpful if you attach your child’s advisor on any emails you send. At the Elem, WE MUST BE NOTIFIED BY A PARENT ABOUT ANY CHANGES TO YOUR CHILD’S TRANSPORTATION IN ADVANCE, meaning we cannot and will not take your child’s word for it. Not because we don’t trust them 😉 but because keeping our students safe and accounted-for is a top priority of ours — we sincerely thank you for your help on this!
A one-page application must be completed in order to receive Free or Reduced lunches at school. Contact Trish at the Elem or Nancy Pfarr at the High School if you need another copy of this application/form. Applications are processed through Nancy Pfarr, and you will be notified of your lunch status by mail. PLEASE NOTE: MNCS does not receive reimbursements from the USDA for our lunch or breakfast programs. Meals at MNCS are funded through donations as well as our general operating fund.
Please email us at  IF you have any new or updated MAIN CONTACT INFO such as:
** Mailing address
** Parent phone number(s)
** Parent email address(es)

POSTED 9-11-18: Online ordering MNCS “gear” (t-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc) with DEADLINE to order Sept 30th!

This is the website link to order MNCS gear.  There are some new designs and new styles for students, parents and staff to pick from! Online store link below:

The website will be live until the end of September. If you would rather pay with CASH OR CHECK, please stop in at EVOLUTION SHIRTS in Henderson to place your order.

Meet our MNCS-Elementary advisors and staff!

Check out staff bios to learn a little about our team:
Sirena Woyt — Kindergarten advisor
Jane Hibscher — Middle Elem advisor (grades 2 & 3)
Vanessa Tompkins — Upper Elem advisor (grades 4 & 5)
Kiersten Dahl-Shetka (art, music, movement specialist)
Kelsie Halvorsen (grades 1 & 2)
Aaron Grimm (grades 5 & 6)
Doug Anderson (intervention specialist)
Sara Westphal (special education)
Lorie Standinger (special education)
Diann Wiederich (special education)
Kylie Kuhlman (school social worker)
Christopher Johnson (behavior interventionist)
Nancy Haas (paraprofessional)
Karen Swenson (paraprofessional)
Carrie Rice (paraprofessional)
Layne Sherwood (paraprofessional)
Cheri Youngren ((paraprofessional)
Paula Dhaene (paraprofessional)
Laura Gilman (paraprofessional)
Cindy Boelter (paraprofessional)
Kathleen Swenson (health services)
Nick Ryan (technology services)
Joan Skelly (education & activities coordinator)
Trish Hiscock-Austin (front desk & office admin)